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Winter Fashion Etiquette

Winter can be a busy time with Christmas looming, New Year's Eve to celebrate and Valentines Day just around the corner you're going to need to be prepared. So whats the right winter fashion etiquette for the occasion?

Get together in the near future?

A re-union? Try something in a festive jewel tone and be sure to finish your look with some fabulous shoes and hand bag and dont forget the jewelry. Add earrings and a necklace to finish your look.

A baptism youre the godmother? Try a soft flowing skirt and a cap sleeve blouse. Or how about a nice light shift topped with a print jacket. Youll look stylish but you wont be over done. Pay attention to the shoes on your feet classy but comfort is important because youll be standing for a while. Add some light jewelry, a pair of baguette studs and a chain and youll be ready.

A date for high tea? Although the formality of white gloves is gone it is still important to dress nicely. Do not wear jeans or a sloppy shirt. If the high tea is an informal meeting then pants with a nice light jacket is spring colors is appropriate. If high tea is to honor someone then step it up a notch with a nice light skirt and top, or a nice light dress with jacket. Some funky jewelry for the casual get together or more elegant jewelry for the more formal get together.

Cocktails? There are plenty of options for cocktails. A light weight dress in spring colors with short sleeves, dress it up a little with three quarter sleeves. Go for a fun print, v necklines are great, and dont forget the finishing touches with jewelry. Try some dangle or chandelier earrings. Add a tennis bracelet or bead necklace, some fun but sexy shoes and your set.

Wedding? Make certain youre not resembling the bride or taking away from her day by outdoing her. Contrary to popular belief black is an acceptable color for a wedding. Decide what youre wearing to the wedding based on the type of wedding is it formal choose a formal dress. Semi casual skirt and blazer. Beach wedding something soft and flowing. Add appropriate jewelry, shoes, and handbag.

Christmas Something comfy but semi-formal is always great. Depending on the type of festivities and where you'll be choose appropriate footwear. Slip on flats are nice around the house or you can choose a sassy pair of heels. Don't forget to make your handbag say "Merry Christmas."

New Years Eve This season is filled with soft flowing feminine looks. So heres a perfect time to be a girl. Try an ankle length tiered dress with silky layers in a romantic print. Or perhaps a long flowing skirt accented with a fitted top and cashmere sweater. Add a pair of heels and a small matching bag. Dont forget to finish your look with your jewelry soft colored stone dangle earrings and a teardrop pendant would be perfect!

Evening Out? Pick your favorite pants, skirt, or dress, add a bolero or cardigan over a tank or sleeveless blouse youll be ready for your evening out. Make your bolero or cardigan your focal point. Add some understated jewelry and your ready to go.

Whether its a day at the beach, a board room meeting, a cocktail party, or a formal event. Dress to impress, complete your look with jewelry and accessories such as shoes, hand bag, or belt. Make your fashion statement!

Author Name:Sher Matsen
Author Bio:

Sher Matsen is a freelance writer and author of numerous books. She has been serving customers for over 20 years, providing information on a wealth of topics.

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